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Lily Rose Roberts

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Through a constant need for introspection and self-definition, my practice focuses on my own family relationships, childhood memories, miscommunication and more recently, the idea of what it means to feel ‘at home’. Exploring personal histories, my work is surrounded by and constantly informed by my own working-class background - an integral part of my being that through my work I am actively aiming to reclaim for myself with a newfound sense of pride.
Utilising second-hand materials to touch on these mundane aspects of life, the physicality of these repurposed materials is a further reflection on the ideas of ‘making do’ with my surroundings. Shedding light on aspects of life often swept under the rug, these works neither celebrate nor aim to shame – rather identify and challenge the authenticity of the memory, and re-situate its experience from a continuously changing and ageing perspective as the artist.
Following further progression, my work aims to immerse itself within the community, pushing itself outward to consider its place amongst contemporary art and how as an artist I can take active steps to create more accessible work in a time of increasing social disparity and in a traditionally middle to upper class field.

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