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Linda Cassels

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My work centres around identity, the development thereof, and what influences one’s view of oneself in and around the issues of being human. Humanitarianism: race, culture, class, and democracy are things I constantly question. This has led to me asking questions such as “What is the function of the outer body (the physical body), if not used as a source for measurement? Does the body have a purpose other than to contain the soul, if not is the content of the vessel more important than the vessel itself?" The idea of classical sculpture is that when confronted by these massive sculptures we involuntary have to look at them. Their posture conveys a story that the artist wants to tell, but their dominance in the landscape is what first arrest the eye. It is for this reason I wanted to re-enact classical sculpture in this project as a method of understanding world issues and how we all are affected by the world we live in.
The work I create is largely abstract, intuitive and conceptual. The mediums I use are varied and depend on what I want to illustrate. I use paintings, drawings, video, photography, sculptures, installations, performance art, poetry, and printing to convey my message. I have used shape and form alongside a limited achromatic colour palette with pops of colour to explore the questions surrounding identity, democracy and equality; and what it means to be human.

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