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Luke Walsh

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At the heart of my work is the theme of transformation. I am fascinated by the possibilities inherent in digital forms and their potential to be realised in physical space and vice versa. Utilising techniques such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and the integration of found objects to bridge the gap between the digital and the tactile reality of our world. This process is based on ideas of permanence and transience, capturing ephemeral digital moments and giving them a lasting, physical presence.

Elongation is a key gesture in my work, serving as a deliberate tool to draw attention and highlight specific aspects of an object. By extending and stretching elements within my works.

Light plays a pivotal role in my art, functioning not just as an illuminator but as an interactive element with the materials. Through its interplay with transparency and reflection, light enhances the viewer's experience of the artwork, bringing out the depth and nuances of the work and its surroundings.

The deliberate juxtaposition of materials in my creations is a thoughtful exploration. Digital ideas and forms meet and meld with physical processes, allowing dialogue between. This contrast underscores the intricate relationship between technology and materiality.

Language and text are also significant components, especially when merged with artificial intelligence. By transforming text into visual imagery through AI, I delve into the complex relationship between the written word and visual art and invites viewers to ponder the evolving role of AI in the realms of art and communication.

As an artist, my aim is to provoke and deepen the understanding of how the digital world impacts our physical reality and to create artworks that encourage viewers to reflect on the intricate and often seamless integration of the digital into our daily lives. By materialising digital concepts in the physical realm, my art offers a unique lens through which to view the interconnectedness of our digital and physical existences. It is an invitation for viewers to question and explore the ever-blurring boundaries between these two worlds.

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