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Multidisciplinary Artist


Máire Kayegi

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Máire yearns for conspiratorial practices of gathering: words are material, sounds are material, materials are material, dreams are material.

Máire is interested in wading across harmonics, category theory, psychoanalysis, philosophy, poetry, and Black study in a perpetual search for institutional interstices to make work of meaning in this time of a dying world. Through assemblage, catalogue, clustering, imbrication, apoptosis, alienation, exile, peripatetic seclusion, archival dives, collaboration, family history, political economy, and saturnine meditation, Máire’s practice attempts to wade through the universal – from, for, and forming the particular. And not, somehow, to drown.

Otherwise stated: Máire wants to ask – how do we think archipelagically… where our centre is everywhere and circumference is nowhere. How might a practice of indiscriminate theoretical, material, and disciplinary interest [by which I mean a practice which makes little distinction between writing, making music, installing a sculpture, binding a book, etching a plate, staging a script, directing fiction, writing memoir, running code, sharing a meal] be able to parse something about the possibilities of relation and subjectivity?

Máire makes many sorts of things.If this is opaque, let it be so. Her practice is the memory of an ear having been turned inside out, antagonistic frustration with institutional and market logics, apophasic non-strategy, a cadavre exquis.

[Máire is currently interested in making works of sound, video, words, photo, and sculpture and is working towards her MA in Philosophy.]

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