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Artist, working mainly in sculpture.


Mark Walker

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At the centre of my practice is an investigation into how objects can give form and physical expression to poetics, humour and faults. Discovering and understanding through experience, empirical research, confronting the qualities of objects and materials, is part of my process. With an urge to convey something one feels, trying to sincerely communicate a lucid thought or emotion, while haunted by a doubt in the possibility of expression and understanding. But working through this impossibility and frustration of what to do in this situation? Except enduring through the pitiless onslaught of time and making continuous attempts at communication, each time failing but to failing better.

Mark Walker (UK, 1988) graduated from the University of the Arts with a 1st class BA in painting and the Staedelschule, sculpture class with a Meisterschule. He was part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2010 at A Foundation, Liverpool and ICA, London He has exhibited internationally including 'nnausea' at PRETEXTO, Pasto, Colombia

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