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Megan Hattel

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My research practice is an enquiry into our interaction with domestic spaces, place, time and memory. I consider feeling and emotion that these domestic scenes instill, the power of a familiarity, its ability to hold you, and transport you, to evoke or create memory. The comfort that lies there. As well as considering themes of presence and absence. Exploring how stillness or quiet can be conveyed through painting technique. And how colour plays a role in conveying or creating feeling in a painting.
I think about now only in relation to then. I think between present and past always, it's how I know the colour of the sky. I remember the blue, and I imagine I will encounter it again in the future or when I return to the past.

I am here in the still, where my plants live now. I am lost in moments of dancing lights, in echoes of time. In the colour blue, in orange brick and green grass. I remember, they remind me. I am cast back, and therefore I cannot live in the now.
I paint from these moments, these encounters of time.

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