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Mitch Vowles

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Mitch Vowles’ (b.1994) practice primarily concerns the process of mobilisation. By elevating the often mundane nature of social and economic struggle his work is able to represent those affected both within and outside of the context of Art, Aiming to challenge boundaries and bring the colloquial spaces and class symbolism to the attention of institutions that govern artistic importance.

The artworks centre around the cultural context of certain objects. By questioning the status of these objects and exploring their implied associations and settings, a dialogue can develop within the objects that reflects upon his own upbringing, memories and social status.Through the use of objects, Vowles’ is not only able to discuss personal anecdotes but also promote discussion around the broader topics of British identity, subcultures and class. The work seeks to enable this dialogue to unfold, to bring about a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, whilst challenging conventional artistic forms and functions, as well as denying the commercial context of art.

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