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Morgan Love is a multidisciplinary artist who currently designs and creates jewellery inspired by the renaissance period. With vintage and reloved materials, each design is unique in its own way. Love also creates collages compiled from various material from Vintage Playboy to old Blue Peter annuals.

She tends to sort her material into piles based on what tale it tells, whether it's about love, hedonism, tarot, or politics. Love usually assembles her many elements without glue first, experimenting with various compositions until she is satisfied. When she's satisfied with the composition, she glues the pieces together on a canvas. Collage for Love allows people to reconnect with their inner kid, be messy, and cut and stick. Love then places these collages in garish painted vintage frames.

Love was raised in Cumbernauld, Glasgow, until they were eight years old, when they then relocated to Weymouth, Dorset. Morgan wrestles with her personal identity as a mixed-race working-class woman, attempting to comprehend modern life as well as their, worth and role as an artist.

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