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Mr.Jakraphun Thanateeranon

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Artist Statement

Since I was young I always curious that why the human has born? In spite of we are going to died in one day, why we can’t get the suffering for the family members when they get sick or painful? Or even if we can take the death away from one we love?? A lot of question came to my mind when I lost my relative through death such as where are they going after they died? Will they be happy with their life after death? Or will they still around us and taking care of the family?

My family religion is Buddhism can answer my question since I start my school life. In Buddhism class the teacher taught us that every one in this world are going to face four situation in their life are Birth Aging Suffering and Death and no body can’t get away from this truth. But the point we should mention is how we can be good when we still breathe. Beside the Buddhism class in science class the lesson that we learnt from the lecturer is seem like a parallel of the truth.

Many time making art is the way to cure the mind, it could automatically help me every time when I feel bad. And I found it interesting that the parallel I ever curious since I was young starting break after I can use the technology to proof Buddhism believing through the way I create my work of art. Till now I’m getting older, for myself I feel it very easy tried body, the hair easy lose every day, skin more dry, body getting fatter. So I start looking back to my pass life when I was younger than now, when I still have my sweet love, when I feel that I was good looking, it all full of a lingering sentiment and wish for it return.

Once again that religion taught me the body not belong to our self , it just like a receptacles that put the soul in for a while and it not last long exist, it will decompose, finally we all can’t get away from it. What I shall think is not when the death is come true, but aware that it can come any time and what should I do good for the less life? So what will you do??

Making art is the way of meditation. Since I was young every time when I do drawing or painting is become the moment of mind focusing. All the line I draw and the color I fill are control by my consciousness. Till now the way of my art working still focusing on the process of meditation through the art. Material had change from time to time depending on each situation and the reflection between me in front of it. Surrounding atmosphere also becomes one of an effective matter.
There are various ways of meditation in Buddhism which I adapt them into my art process. Such as the blinking lamp system, I compared to the heart beat system. The balance of each of my installation pieces is a copy of symmetric sitting position or the Buddha image. The repeating piece by piece of objects is the way we control our mind.

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