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Theatre Maker, Performer and Creative Facilitator.

Wakefield/ Barnsley/ Leeds

Natalie Bellingham

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I’m a freelance theatre-maker, performer, clown, physical comedian and creative arts facilitator. Born in South Africa, raised in Manchester, now living in Wakefield.

I studied Theatre and Performance at Leeds University (Bretton Hall) graduating with a First Class Honours in 2008. My time at Bretton was where my passion for theatre met my love for nature and the visual arts and my unique practice developed.

I make performance work that embraces the honesty of clown performance and the complexity of being human. Beautifully researched, with a balance of storytelling, absurdity & powerful visual moments. My work is entertaining and challenging in equal measure, acknowledging the audience and creating a relaxed environment, where no one is the expert.

I was co-founder of Uncanny Theatre with whom I toured for over 9 years to theatres and festivals throughout the UK, including The Lowry, HOME Manchester, BE festival, Transform Festival, A Nation’s Theatre, INcoming Festival and Gateshead International Festival.

I work with adults, children, families and young people in theatre and the visual arts.

Play and imagination is at the heart of everything I do. I work in a range of settings including theatres, galleries, schools, hospitals and in the outdoors

I’m proud to be a qualified Giggle Doctor with Theodora Children’s Charity and an artist educator for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for over 11 years.

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