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Painter, Printmaker, Illustrator

London, UK

Nikolas Wereszczyński

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I am a London based Polish artist specialising in gouache painting and printmaking.
My work is largely informed by my love of folk culture; while I find it beautiful in its own right, I also believe it to be a way through which daily life can not only be explored, but also a means through which remnants of early religious practices inseparable from it have been preserved.
I interpret these practices to be animistic in nature and I see folklore as a secret language that allowed these to survive periods of strife, colonisation and proselytism.

I strive to make work that expresses qualities of beauty, awe and joy, and that speaks of the mundane as divine - themes inseparable from folk practices - while also creating a quiet, contemplative space that allows for a felt, rather an intellectual experience of my pieces within the context of folklore.

I am a member of Greenwich Printmakers Gallery and aside from dividing my time between painting and printmaking I also run monthly linocut workshops with Red Art Club in Clapham.

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