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Multidisciplinary Artist

Portsmouth, Hampshire

Olana Light

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Olana's practice is based on sculpture, performance, and film. She makes immersive, disorientation, otherworldly installation and wearable sculptures which are the mythic representation of her worldview. Inhabited by the creature that is neither human nor alien, real or imaginary, these environments and tactile costumes bend the fragile boundaries of our perceived reality.

Olana’s work is fantastic and strange, exploring ideas of identity, belonging, and otherness. The body is always central to her work: she sees the body as an extension of the world she inhabits, and the world as an extension of the body. Thus humans are more than they appear. Striving to make familiar things unfamiliar, give everyday experiences a new meaning, she presents a new world for the viewer which plays with the way we perceive our environment. This fantastical world offers an escape from daily routines and our mundane way of seeing and questions who we are and whom we can become.

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