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Owen Waddington

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I work under the name [blank spacecraft]

[blank spacecraft] aims to produce graphic works through collaboration and self investigation. Working and developing modernist ideas and responding to challenges, using new forms of process.

[blank spacecraft] is currently exploring Anti-Graphics. A while ago the concept of 'Anti-Graphics' was created, the first reference of this being about taking a year's worth of creative work and spending the next year creatively destroying it. Questioning what something being 'limited' meant and seeing what happens within the design process if you continue further after the final outcome. Physical Anti-Graphics resulted in type specimens entombed in concrete, trifled in jelly (with a cherry on top) and set alight as a molotov cocktail.

Now the Anti-Graphic approach has taken a digital route and has explored the use of code and destruction of graphic works 'digital DNA'. Exploration has led to the destruction of many different digital files, resulting in becoming obsessed with wording, letterforms, shapes and colour found within the multiple layers of infographic maps.

Collaboration is welcome -

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