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Multidisciplinary Artist

Glasgow - Scotland

Paria Moazemi Goodarzi

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Paria Goodarzi is an Iranian-born artist and social art practitioner, a member of the UNESCO RILA Affiliated Artist network, and a member of The Young Academy of Scotland. Paria pursued a BA (Hons) in Textile Design from the University of Science & Culture in Tehran, followed by Sculpture & Environmental Art studies at the Glasgow School of Art. Additionally, she completed her Master of Adult Education, Community Development & Youth Work from the University of Glasgow.
Paria's artistic endeavours are centred around cultural and political transfers, translocations, and the contemporary human condition. Her work delves into themes of cultural identity and displacement. Employing a multidisciplinary approach, Paria examines the construction and portrayal of identity, frequently integrating collaborative, participatory, and socially engaged artworks.
A significant aspect of her creative output involves the conceptualization and execution of socially engaged art projects that address notions of representation and cultural belonging. She played a pivotal role in co-founding the art initiative 'Distanced Assemblage.' The initiative is driven by the aspiration to enhance the well-being and visibility of individuals from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. This is achieved by offering opportunities for engagement with creative practices and cultural organisations.

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