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Multimedia Artist, Writer & Performer


Pollita Mijao

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Pollita Mijao is a multimedia artist, performer and writer, who combines traditional techniques with new-media, 3D animation and games design, to create interactive installations and environments.

With a series of works created under the title ‘Zen For The Apocalypse’, Pollita lays out her carnivalesque vision of a non-hierarchical universe as an antidote to the restrictive anthropocentrism of our current visual culture. Salvaged from the ruins and landfills capitalism left behind, in a space beyond our current concepts of utopia vs dystopia, Z4TA is part theory, part fiction, part piss-take, and a lot of pigeons.

Whilst she may describe herself as the creator of Zen For The Apocalypse, in reality Pollita holds no such rank; serving as merely the human administrative arm - a pen-pusher and go-between for the Z4TA Universe.

This, however, is not a role one should take lightly. Coordinating between the bureaucratic human realm and that of the unruly, anarcho band of animal deities who populate the Z4TA Universe, is - as Pollita will tell you - a complicated affair. One that often requires a rather devil-may-care attitude towards genre boundaries and the perceived rules of what one can and cannot do.

Pollita has exhibited, performed and been involved in organising various underground and squatted art exhibitions over the years. She has performed as a spoken word artist and published written work under the pen name of The Horny Handed Daughter of Toil.
She has recently graduated from Middlesex University, with BA(Hons) in Fine Art.

Now joined by Aunty Apocalypse, The High Priestess and the Goat Goddess Bartender, Pollita and the Z4TA team invite you to visit them at the Z4TA Bar & Arcade, play the Slot Machine, enjoy a nice cold bottle of Burning Barricade IPA, and catch up on all the latest fashion and lifestyle advice on offer in the Z4TA magazine.


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