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Visual Artist, Curator, and Researcher focusing on social engagement via lens-based media.

Glasgow, Scotland

Rachael Kelly Ryder

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Visual Artist, Curator and Researcher with a socially-engaged practice, focusing on facilitating accessible engagement within communities via lens-based media, workshops, collaborative production, and interventions. This practice favours a soft approach to social practice, one that explores the potential for moving-image initiatives to facilitate invaluable interactions between art practitioners and community members.

Research topics include;
- alternative modes of storytelling
- modes of display and representation in moving-image archives
- working-class methodology
- heritage preservation
- Identifying affinities within cultural alterity

This research uses a methodological approach rooted in feminist praxis (Lippard, 1997) and a self-reflexive narrative throughout all engagement activities (Minh-ha, 2020).

Recent projects include;
- Would You Like to Get to Me? - Screening event
- Blue, Green, and the Thread In Between - Publication
- Gestures - A documentary film made collaboratively with a community in Glasgow's East-end
- The Tradeston Project - socially-engaged regeneration project
- 'Speaking with' - Catalogue essay

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