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Rachel Hutchison

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Artistic Statement
Growing up on the outskirts of Edinburgh Scotland, Art was something that felt just out of reach for young me, much like the centre of my city. Studying BA (Hons) Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art 2018-2022 allowed me to explore both.

My artistic practice now rests & manifests in introspection. The marks I make serve as an externalisation of the internal world; visual representations of thoughts, emotions, and the ineffable spaces that exist beyond & between categorisation.

Through Painting and Printmaking, my work is clemently figurative. I strive for the figures to be excused from the categorisation that can often cause divides in our communities.

Their gender is not always clearly defined, (though as a woman this aspect of myself can appear), and their relationship with one another can be unclear.

My figures are experiences unearthed from somewhere that required empirical digging, placed into their new physicality. I envision them closer to aspects of souls than bonafide.

Within my art, notions of community & the dynamics of all kinds of relationships are central themes. I explore how our variety of internal identities interact & impact one another

I believe that art and the act of creation are intrinsic and fundamental parts of being human; we all desire to leave a mark. Paired with my belief in the therapeutic benefits of the arts, I implore to be as vulnerable as possible in creation of narrative.

My experiences in the counselling chair have been profoundly influencing. The space allows for unearthing and honouring of parts of myself, even those that haven't been entirely helpful. By giving these parts their own existence on canvas and paper, I engage in a ritual of acceptance and respect, acknowledging their significance in my journey.

Creation is always in collaboration with all connections I've made, past and present. In this regard, it goes without saying that there are parts of my family, friends, counsellors, and brief encounters throughout my art

I earnestly hope that all our past and future relationships have been able to offer some amount of reciprocity

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