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Rob Bowman

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I explore the ephemerality of light, sound, video and place. I’m particularly interested in the mediation of art and the audience. Currently I have been exploring the themes of boundaries, heritage of the land and potential futures. I work with digital photography as my main format however I have vast experience many art forms; painting, sculpture, print making, video and sound installations.

I recently worked with Durham County Council in 2015 & 2021. I created a series of photographs on posters for a number of bus shelter advertising hoardings in and around the boundaries of County Durham. The images are a series of the remaining bandstands captured in the former colliery welfare parks of County Durham.

The idea behind the project was to bring the historic structures of a by-gone era to a public facing place. Our memory of history can slowly be replaced by our more recent history. Memory informs my practice because I have dyslexia. My dyslexia manifests as difficulty remembering and retaining information. This is how photography operates as a mechanism to record objects and people.

It’s a mechanism of preserving our history. This is where we learn to better the future.

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