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Multidisciplinary Artist

South Coast/South East London

Ross Hammond

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Ross Hammond (1987), is a visual artist working and living in London and holds an MFA from Goldsmiths University. His practice uses skills gained through working previously as a genealogist to create historical-fictional narratives, through video, installation and performance.

Compilations of objects are witnesses; a Yew tree gives testimony to the Highland plantations via a hidden speaker. A Tunnock chocolate bar, a banana skin and photograph of a terrier, are presented like a detective’s evidence wall, reopening a cold case of history, giving clues to an artist/character obsession. He is motivated by how object, landscape, popular culture and memory create anchor points in forming historic bias or bear witness and give testimony to our own personal connections to place and home.

His MFA degree show ‘Fancy a Cup of Tea?’ an installation included a video piece filmed in the artist’s family home, with his father. The video sits in the actual living room that appears on screen, painstakingly moved from the south coast of England and rebuilt for this exhibition. The work continues his interest in themes of home, the alienation of working-class Britain and generational divides. Following ‘Fancy a Cup of Tea?’ Hammond was awarded the Goldsmiths University Wardens Prize selected by Sarah McCrory, director of the CCA Goldsmiths, and was also shortlisted for the ACME Early Career’s Award, 2019. He has performed at Seventeen Gallery for Penny Dreadful, a screening event he co-organised in 2019 and has exhibited at Art Hub (2019), Deptford X (2018), Room 9 gallery (2018) and the Wandsworth Arts Festival (2017).

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