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Filmmaker, Videographer, Set design, Photographer

London Derry

Rowan Wigley

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"Rowan Wigley is a gender fluid queer artist (she/her) originally from a tiny village in Wales who has experience across various areas of film and visual art practise. Rowan has lived in London since 2011, and since then she has explored paid/unpaid work in areas such as film production, art department, artist assisting, production design, art directing/ set design, projection art, camera work, videography, writing, photography, and some film directing. In 2015 Rowan directed and wrote short film Heresy of Champna, with StopPlayRecord; a film programme founded by the ICA supporting young experimental filmmakers - her film in particular was made in collaboration with DAZED Digital, Channel 4 Randoms Acts, and funded by the Arts Council England, and was aired online for Channel 4 Random Acts. Since then her short film has toured nationally with the Playback festival and has been exhibited in the UK and Europe, at Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall and Stroom Den Hague, The Netherlands. She has nearly two years experience working on feature films in the art department as an art dept runner and then later an art dept assistant. She habitually writes and applies for films funding, however being a working class creative, she has sometimes needed to prioritise paid work, or day jobs over this. She trained in the art department to enable her ideas to feed into set design, build a choice aesthetic for future film projects, and to pursue collaborative work ethic. Rowan still works on set design on community based creative work, and recently travelled Europe-wide filming a trans and non binary centred punk band called Tuffragettes. She is currently focusing more on writing for film, and alongside editing some queer/nonqueer wedding videos, she is developing scripts with more centrality on personal, 'welsh' and queer narratives, and focusing more-so on DIY moving-image/film-making."

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