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I was born in Salford and grew up in North Cheshire (like proper Cheshire, I don't mean Altrincham). I live and breathe North West England, except when I am living somewhere else because then I usually just breathe whatever air is nearby. The only CDs I own are ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, and ‘Christmas For Everyone’ by St Winifred’s School Choir. During my early childhood I was a mule scavenger at Quarry Bank Mill, and I always arch my back and elongate my arms when photographed out of reverence to our region's greatest hero - L.S. Lowry. I now live and work in London, which makes me feel just about as sick as it is possible to be without spitting out my own intestine.

In my practice I explore absolutely none of the above themes, preferring to bury them deep inside a pit in my soul.

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