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Born and bred in the mystical landscapes of Transylvania, Romania, Sándor Nagy emerges as a trilingual, transdisciplinary artist currently navigating the vibrant cultural landscape of Glasgow, Scotland.

His artistic journey traverses realms of Performance Art, Land & Nature Art, while fluidly transitioning between mediums, from the strokes of a paintbrush to the intricate capture of moments through fine art photography, chemigrams, and experimental short films.

While embracing contemporary tools and techniques, Nagy's creative ethos remains unwavering. In a world propelled by technological leaps and environmental tumult, he ceaselessly probes our connection to the earth, contemplating the profound implications of our evolving relationship with the land. Through his art, he seeks to dissolve the boundaries between ideas, recognizing that certain complexities defy singular approaches. Nagy's work is a testament to the intricate interplay between humanity and nature, inviting viewers to engage with the nuances of our shared existence.

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