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Visual artist, Craft, Tattooing

Lewisham, London


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I am a visual artist with a focus on craft and tattooing. Trained as a painter, I am attracted to imagery and pattern that is influenced by kitsch and traditional tattoo motifs . These visual references stem from memories, family artifacts, and internet culture. Traditional textile motifs (flowers, stars, and symmetrical composition) serve as visual tropes of softness. These both clash and compliment the disembodied body parts and contorted androgynous figures present in the imagery.

Together they are a harmonious declaration of agency.

These textile works and tattoos are an extension of drawing. Skin and canvas are the same – vessels ready to be adorned.
Hand-poke tattoos are a marker of time. These skin drawings are carried by the wearer, commemorating a time, a story, or void of meaning all together - only to decay and collapse with the duration of the body.
Art collecting for the working class man.

I am understanding post human ideology through the representation of malleable and non-fixed bodies. The seductive and playful formal qualities of my work ask the viewer to contemplate the long and deep history of craft and how this past sits with the contemporary.

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