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Sarita Oseitutu

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Hello, welcome to my little world. My name is Sado, I'm a self-taught artist and professional life model, born and raised in London.

My works are always changing, so it can be pretty hard to define. When I feel like I have something, it stays for only a short while. But currently, I'm working on a collection called "God's Poster Children." The collection is part of a series of reworked and reimagined paintings from the past.

I've noticed a similarity between my recent works and poster art, attributed to the use of words and the potency of images.

I used to enjoy creating posters in primary school. I loved it because of its simplicity in announcing events or projects at the time. It's like a teaser, a trailer for something spectacular—not the full story, just a part of it. It's an entrance, a beginning, a doorway that draws you in, allowing you to create your own world. I'd describe my works as embodying that essence, a doorway or opening like a book cover without the actual book. There's a sense of contemplation and wonder that I appreciate. It's not about forced mystery; there are hidden elements, but there are also alternative ways to express what lies beneath.

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