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Sebastian Thomas

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I’m a visual artist based out of the deepest suburbs of west Reading, UK.
My practice spans sculpture, printmaking, painting, installation and film, central to which are the processes of collage and assemblage. These strategies allow me to freely generate ideas whilst interrogating the functions of language and how it informs our understanding of reality. My recent work has been concerned with the relationship between the fiction consumed by the mind and the corporeal landscape. I’m particularly interested in how it creates a breeding ground for semi-fictional objects, places and protagonists, setting the stage for a retelling where reality and story merge.

This is a place in the margins, where things move in another direction, born out of the detritus of human activity on earth, the left overs, off cuts, rubbish begins to mean something, taken out of context and imbued with a new sense of purpose. Materially this manifests itself in my work through the appropriation and deconstruction of images and the elevation of cheap industrial materials and discarded objects. Recent work has focussed on the transformative power inherent in the casting of scrap metal as was to make sculpture.

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