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Shaqúelle Whyte

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My painting is a way for me to explore thoughts and feelings that I have and manifest them into paint . Through paint I direct my subjects as if they were actors and the canvas the stage, maneuvering and moulding stories that reflect my life, thoughts and feelings while not pictorially representing myself within the work. This in turn allows me to mobilize the nature of the work and in many ways tell stories in a much more abstract way; not feeding the viewer the whole story but leaving enough in my work that indicates story. It also allows me to indulge in the surreal which is a element of my work that I am pushing more and more the more that my body of work grows. The physicality of paint is very important when approaching my work. The differentiation between the thickness of paint, the inherent texture that comes from it allows for me to further push what it is that I can do. In the pursuit of this oil pastel has become a feature in my work. It has allowed me to bring back elements of drawing into my work. Oil pastel weaves in and out of the oil paint which frees up the process of how I represent elements of the figure and scene that I’m trying to create.

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