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Sterling Rose Kelly

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Sterling Rose Kelly is a musician and sculpture artist based in Manchester. Their artwork weaves together feminist and leftist ideologies, references to subculture, and imagery from everyday domestic life into a ‘glitch-kitsch’ patchwork. Often using found objects and mixed media, their immersive sculptures provide a spaceship-like escape from the elitist, exclusive white cube gallery space. Their work often deals with feminine trauma and their own mental health issues, linking the personal to the political. Through their sculpture, they aim to create a point on the network of feminine resistance.

‘Our Network is a web of diamond-rhinestone-threads
and steak knives; sharpened silver tongues ravenous for blood -
CUNT is not a body part, CUNT is a state of soul and spirit
an existence without binary
without body commodity
we see the world through each other’s eyes
linked into the pulse of the planet.
The destination is New Venus,
The spaceship is un-Manned.’

Sterling is also a bass player, songwriter and lyricist for Manchester all-queer, all-femme post-punk band The Red Stains.

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