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Graphic Design, Photography, Music Production, DJ


Tom Speak

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Graphic / Web Design and DJ Bookings are saturated markets. It’s highly likely that you have visited other Helvetica-heavy websites before finding ours. We’ll even put money on at least two of those sites featuring a trendy dog on their ‘Meet the Team’ section. So what makes us different?

- We come from small town, working class roots

- Creativity is in our blood – we have always encouraged, supported and celebrated our creative friends over the years

- We’re firm believers of pulling one another up and we’ve always been big on things like courtesy, warmth and respect

It’s safe to say that we’ve paid our dues. We’ve cut our teeth, burnt the midnight oil, been paid in exposure and even delivered projects on the wrong sides of our old 9-5s. And you know what? We’re happy that’s been the case. It’s taught us to go the extra mile and it’s taught us that nobody – including us – wants to waste time. If we haven’t already helped a business like yours, we’ve more than likely worked for one and have an understanding of where you’re at and what you need.

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