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Tomilola Olumide

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Tomilola Olumide (b.1996, London) is a Multidisciplinary Artist whose Art practice primarily seeks to document her personal history and understanding of the world by engaging in dialogues on identity, memory, emotional navigation, being and materiality projected as sculptures, paintings, collages, performance art and installations. Tomilola was raised in Lagos, Nigeria and influenced by her Yoruba heritage and family values, music, food and school life. These experiences along with those from navigating adulthood act as memory banks that collectively inspire her art practice. Olumide uses materials such as her physical body, textile fabric, paint, found objects and personal memorabilia in her practice, she explores their dynamics of intimacy, sensuality, manipulation and aesthetics to her subjects. Her sculpture practice incorporates casting, collage and fabric drawing techniques towards the development of ambiguous physical assemblages of material bodies like plaster, textile fabric and found objects; which take the form of miniature sculptures and large scale immersive and ephemeral structures manifested as wall and room installations. In her performances Tomilola works to create familiar, intimate and sentimental scenes through intense emotional expressions with her physical body, sound, still and moving imagery, textile fabric, found objects and sculptures. Olumide’s paintings capture whimsical and emotional reckonings of subjects such as mental health and selfhood, expressed in polychromatic styles using acrylic and enamel paint, ink and dye pigment on canvas and paper. Tomilola received her Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from the University of Southampton.

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