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multidisciplinary, painting, dance, sculpture, print



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Urtė Lučiūnaitė (Ronja Komet) is an interdisciplinary artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, currently living in London. Her practice revolves around fantastical worlds and characters within them. From these fantastical mythologies we can learn and observe the feelings that arise inside us. The rituals in the underworld can take you to serenity or they can leave you standing on the hard ground, as you are.

Both traditional and digital techniques are used for creating the worlds. Even when being intuitive, Urtė seeks inspiration from artists who do (or did) what they love fully, honestly and unapologetically. These are people like Colette Lumiere, Alfred Kubin, and Junji Ito.

The characters in Urtė‘s works have their own way of living, they can mock us, show chaos, or appear warm and loving, try to help, and listen. Nothing is too much for them, so you can go look, and see where they take you.

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