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Building a Community of Working Class Writers

After raising a discussion on their TikTok platforms about being working class writers, Lucy

Rose and Louis Glazzard decided to form a new community for working class writers (which can be found on Discord).

Built to foster a positive creative community for working-class writers, Louis and Lucy hope to

help writers through the cost of living crisis. There has never been a more crucial time to build a positive space for working class people: a place where they can share their success, stress, opportunities, and form new relationships with other writers. With inclusivity and positivity at the forefront of The Working Class Writing Circle, they hope to keep working class writers going through the forthcoming recession (and beyond, too).

Louis Glazzard is a working class queer writer raised in Yorkshire. Last year he wrote a poetry book about the experiences of growing up queer in working class environment.

Lucy Rose is a literary fiction/horror prose writer and screenwriter/director based in South

Tyneside. Having left home at fifteen, she draws inspiration from her experiences with quiet

domestic terrors and histories in her writing.

Both are making use of their own understanding of the creative networks in the UK and are

hoping to build further relationships to help working class writers.

Simply put, they think nobody should have to choose between food and heat, not in this society with all the technology and money. Understanding that difficult financial situations (no matter what stage of life you’re in) can really prevent great talent from persevering, the already-growing discord channel aims to bring working class writers together to support their writing pursuits.

While it’s still early days, members of the group are already thriving and building positive

relationships with other writers, sharing their work, and discovering new opportunities outside of their usual networks.

“Immediately, there's a sense of community and connection here that I'm so grateful to have!”

“I’ve quickly found the Working Class Writer’s Circle to be a really fun and engaging group full of talented people looking to lift each other up. Already I’ve received some great advice on a

couple of stories and taken note of some great opportunities. I’m really happy to have joined.”

“You meet people from different backgrounds and different points in their writing journey.”

“This little diverse group of ours has given me a new lease of life. The support is endless. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I think the group is really beneficial for connecting to other writers and finding really useful

opportunities that are reasonably accessible to working class writers.”

Creativity is an innate part of the human experience. It is not a luxury for the middle and upper classes and so it should feel the same for working class people. Storytelling is something inside of every human being. If you’re interested in joining The Working Class Writing Circle, you can do here. The discord already has over 40 members and is open to anyone who identifies as working class (especially if you feel your circumstances are preventing you from moving forward).

If you are interested in joining the writing group you can contact Louis here

You can order Louis's first poetry collection 'Human men' here

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