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SET Residency recipient announcement

We are excited to introduce artists Nan Carriera and Molly Lester who are the recipients of our SET studios Residency in Woolwich.

The residency is an opportunity for members who do not have access to a studio to work on thier practice without the financial burden of paying for a studio.

“Nan Carreira is a non-binary artist based in London working with painting, drawing and participative art, with a special focus on queerness. Nan’s work can be seen as a call to imagine new worlds where traits like vulnerability and self-expression are celebrated instead of being punished and repressed. To achieve this, Nan takes inspiration from myths and religious symbols from their mixed cultural background reinterpreting and reclaiming them within queerness. 

The reality for queer people at this moment in time, specially for trans and non binary identities, is harsh and painful. Nan’s work offers a space to explore these emotions and transcend them, creating art from lived experience. Expressing feelings of euphoria and dysphoria Nan works with repetition, layers and expressionist marks to narrate their inner world.”

Molly Lester is a textile artist specialising in appliquéd tapestries, sculptures, and costumes. Her work is centred around the interpretation and interrelation of history through the objects we leave behind. In addition to her art practice, Molly works as an ecclesiastical textile maker, crafting intricate, bespoke objects using historical sewing techniques. This meticulous work naturally influences her art objects, shaping not only the visual languages she employs but also the techniques, materials, and processes used in creating her textiles.

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This sounds wonderful, very inspiring, thank you for sharing the information, I'd love to see the work in person.

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