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WCCD x 87 Gallery

What a brilliant start to January with the opening of ‘It’s a joy to be here’ at 87 Gallery in Hull. We are so grateful to the gallery for giving us the opportunity and platform to showcase the incredible work of our members; Sam Batley, Grace Clifford, Ben Brumpton, Daniel Fountain, Charlotte Cullen and Stephanie Francis-Shanahan.

It’s a joy to be here brings together six working-class artists from around the UK. Collectively, the artists draw on the history and traditional processes of craft whilst conceptually exploring the nuance of personal narrative.

Many of the artists do this through the use of materials that are immediately available, reused or altered, together challenging stereotypes around gender, class and DIY approaches. By celebrating methods often associated with the working class, such as textiles and metalwork, the work provokes questions around the hierarchies within artistic practice.

When brought together these pieces open up a dialogue between artists from the North and the South of the UK and capture the power in the community, reinforcing the idea of there being strength in numbers. The exhibition considers how our experiences, working-class histories and identities can both set us apart and unite us. It also celebrates the collective joy of learning, loving, community and collaboration.

The exhibition runs till the 1st of April, If you haven't managed to catch it yet, More details on 87 Gallery's Website.

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