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Abi Haywood/ Snotty Bitch

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"My last work 'Snotty Bitch’ was a fictional fetish model persona. Investigating the digital culture of sneeze fetishists through film, interviews, and a large scale performance work. Sneezing is not inherently sexual. Yet, it is received online as pornography. This reception of my work as pornography, through emails, money and DM’s. Is what I am presenting to my second audience as art. It ’s voyeuristic, they are voyeurs to me and the viewer is a voyeur to the fetishist. Snotty draws a parallel between the transactional nature of selling art and selling sex. After its publication, my work went viral being shown on different news outlets. Currently, I'm in first year at the Slade School of Art experimenting with new ideas. My written work 'No one gets into the Slade from the Local College' was also published recently."

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