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Amelia Hawk

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I am an artist based in Sandwell/Birmingham and work with experiences and conversation as a way to make and share artwork. I am guided by feelings and emotions, exploring what might make me angry, frustrated, empowered. Often the process of making starts with a conversation over tea or coffee. Recently I have been looking at how counselling strategies can be incorporated into elements of my practice, making new spaces for conversation that isn’t afraid, and is happily political.

I make things that might be artworks, experiences, performances, spaces, publications, workshops, clothing, listening, conversation.

Recently I have become interested in how art practice can hold space for others. Thinking about how conversation and listening can act as a support structure, and create new ways of listening and places to hear from. To support this way of working I am training to be a councillor, ethically underpinning my work and creating a way of supporting others to run alongside and at times weave into my practice. .

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