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Jeweller, Maker, Designer


Amy Flynn

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Amy Flynn is a designer/maker based in Merseyside, working with jewellery, textiles and illustration. Often using salvaged materials, her work crosses boundaries between jewellery, clothing, accessories and interiors. 

Under the brand name Dripped Goods Amy leads skill-sharing workshops and creates recycled silver jewels using the ancient technique, lost-wax casting. This involves slowly hand-carving or forming models from wax before casting into metal. Each item of jewellery is designed to be cherished whilst adding some fun into personal adornment. 

Amy has developed a signature technique whereby she takes impressions of local landmarks in wax to form ‘Souvenir’ jewels. Their surface is imprinted with textures of physical locations, preserved in metal they capture memories of place for the wearer. This technique is showcased in the Winners Medals and delegate pins she has designed for the World Gymnastic Championships 2022.

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