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Versatile, sometimes decorative / political, responsive artist in Paint, Print, Drawing, ceramics, design, illustration and mmore.

London, and a St Leonards lodger

Anna Winstanley

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I am an oldish artist creator who has worked and lived in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and France, with a BA in Textile Design and qualifications & experience in Teaching Art & Design, Psycho-sexual health & Counselling, Environmental & Community Arts, Children & Family Theatre, Jungian & Tarot archetypes, and most recently as a scribe / amanuensis for disabled people working with sex & disability.
I am writing a very graphic novel about the use of animal parts as aphrodisiacs.
It seems that I have become somewhat embroiled in Graphic Medicine too, (where health and art intersects). I don't want to, but biology and illness creep in to my perspective (lived experience). Plus Nature. I love the wild world, plants, animals, but not so keen on humans en-mass, though individually I do care too much.
I respond to words with artistic puns which I hope will be as funny as they are cynical.

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