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My work is informed by my personal experiences as a Nigerian living in the UK, I felt a sense of dislocation from my home country. This feeling has inspired me to explore the acculturation process through my art. My work focuses on the relationship between cultural identity, diversity, and belonging in Western environments, using various mediums such as paintings and sculptures to engage with contemporary discourse concerning identity, politics, cultural heritage, and globalization.
My artistic vision is shaped by my experiences of adapting to new cultural environments, food, weather, values, social norms and identity.
I explore ways in which acculturation can both enrich and challenge our sense of self. Through my work, I challenge simplistic ideas of cultural essentialism, encouraging greater understanding and empathy between people from all walks of life.
Incorporating a variety of techniques, my artwork reflects the cultural influences that have shaped my own identity. I draw inspiration from traditional art forms from Nigeria, as well as contemporary styles from the UK.
By blending these different styles and techniques metaphorically, I create pieces that reflect the complexity and richness of the acculturation process.

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