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Multidisciplinary Artist, Painter, Printmaker


Art Sokoloff

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Art Sokoloff is a multidisciplinary artist working towards the goal of creating systems centered around structure-based abstraction, both metaphorical and literal.
His current work is being made around the influence of rules applied in the crafting of game-like experiences. Taking on both the role of the rule-setter and the participant, Art involved in the process of making "situations" (strict conditions with clear rules) and their subsequent resolutions.
His projects investigate the theme of instructions and visual patterns. They are individually hand stamped/drawn, in a time-consuming, laborious repetition. Using simple shapes Art is creating orders, which are easily ruined by just one mistake, and as easily changed by just one alteration in the instruction. Using bold figures and regulated interactions related to them, such as multiplications and shift, rotation and sequencing - Art aims to reflect on rule-based conceptual art.
Working in the “task-execution” mode, decision making is carried out long before the physical making. Consciously implementing pattern esthetic and cross-disciplinary mode of making , Art is trying to blur the line between generality and particularity in his visual language.

Art completed his MA in Print at the Royal College of Art in 2021 and a BA in Architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute in 2018.
Art has been shortlisted for the Signature Art Prize 2021 and Visual Art Open (2020, 2021).
Some notable shows include: London Grads Now. 21 at Saatchi, London; Intaglio at Megalo Print Gallery, Canberra; AAIP in Burg Giebichenstein, Halle; Perspectives at CICA Museum, Gimpo; Dry Floor at Hoxton253 in London.

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