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Theatremaker, Actor, Musician, Writer

Birmingham, Exeter

Ash Strain

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I am a theatremaker born and bred in Birmingham, with a background both onstage and backstage. As a teenager I was a part of the Young REP company where we devised shows about everything, from childhood grief to teen angst to the Edelweiss Pirates. I felt listened to and valued in this space - I saw myself in my friends and castmates, and nobody was left behind.

Despite growing up wanting to be an actor I have since developed a love for writing and creating my own work for live and recorded performance - primarily gig/musical theatre and radio performance. My play, “Frontline Darlings”, about the unsung voices of female pilots in WWII, was runner-up for the 2021 Snoo Wilson writing prize, which I am immensely proud of considering it was my first attempt to write a full length piece.

I still enjoy performing, but there’s always got to be music involved somehow - I love folk and alternative music, and creating atmosphere or mood in performance using only the human voice. I have a non-binary gender identity and am neurodivergent, and these themes are ones I definitely try to incorporate into my work (I find that they manage to get in even unintentionally, too).

I am new to the creative industry as an independent creator beyond the network I’ve created from my university friends, and while I’m based in Birmingham and Exeter currently, I intend to explore other areas of the UK such as Edinburgh in the future, so I would love to connect with other folks, particularly LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent artists.

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