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moving image, 3d and print

East London

Ben Dawson

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My work orbits around our physical and digital identities and their symbiotic convergence and divergence, the question between real and virtual in the age of the internet's Omni presence plagues me . Owning a body is a complex and nuanced condition governed by socio-political conditions, thus proposing the question of autonomy , agency and fiction. These ethical questions frame my dissection into digital materiality.

Things never die on screens; they get reborn. Renderings are transformed into scripts then films and soundscapes that ponder, creation myths, and technological automation of the self. I have an obsessiveness for images that carry cultural narrative from cowboys ,alchemists and queer bodies, they enact surrogates for world building narrative questions. My practice exists in flux between digital physical capacities, animation , film making, printed matter and objects. Material forms like print and objects exist as substrates that help form haptic connectors to the animated video works and vice versa. I actively take traces of the digital , then rip them out into the physical.The results simply don't answer questions, but ponder them.

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