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Photographer, Multi disciplinary Artist

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ben Malcolmson

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Ben Malcolmson is a photographer born and based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ben works with photography, video and sculpture exploring alternative processes with relation to one's land and identity. His practice further deals with the communication of the landscape, looking at the familiar and psychological complexities of the self with performative-based elements as an undertone.
My work harbours from a place of belonging, coming from a region with perceived layers of physical and emotional sensitivity. I navigate through the fringes of this space with a tenderness in my methodology. The passive role of the performer is evident within the process of making, the role of the body works within the parameters of the representation of one’s sense of self. The aspect of collaboration and intervention nurtures within my practice, working in conjunction with likeminded creatives contributes to an organic relationship of reflection and reaction.

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