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Multidisciplinary artist, magician, painter, poet, circus arts.


Benoît compin

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My artistic journey is fuelled by a passion for mystery (or rather the great mystery!)
Through a variety of styles I aim to explore what lies behind our human perception and mental constructions.
The themes fascinating me at the present moment:

*Gates, doors and windows.
I like to depict them as portal to our dreams and ideals. We give so much importance to our obsolete human constructions (material and mental) that we tend to limit our experience of existence.

*Trees and flowers
Much wisdom can be drawn out of them! They silently speak volumes about life and numerous parallels can be made between their behaviours and human ones.

*Calligraphy (asemic, Roman, Arabic)
I'm obsessed with language and its origins and am constantly pondering on what's beyond the words and sounds we emit to communicate.
2 axis of study there:
- asemic abstract construction (main theme: glorious landscape appearing behind old ruins)
-illustrating Persian poetry and Arabic proverbs

My first motivation as an artist is to depict the natural magic of the environment around us. Also, as a magician by trade, my intention is to create magical pieces for my audience to take home with them.

I would use the residency to challenge myself to build a "beyond the gates" light and sound experience.
Much kindly.

_ my art website is under construction, most of my art work can be seen on my Instagram profile.
_it seems the link towards the equality and diversity monitoring form links up to the code of conduct instead.

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