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Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Muralist, Teacher

Kendal, Cumbria

Bethan Thorsby — Sporadic Illustration

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Bethan Thorsby runs her creative studio, Sporadic Illustration (since 2019), where she works across editorial and brand illustration, graphic design and mural painting.

Collaborating with dozens of "break the mould" small businesses in her area, Bethan crafts brand identities, print and digital assets tailored to showcase their unique offerings.

Her work with young creatives through rural artists' hub Folded Zine and at Kendal Arts & Media College have encouraged her to reflect on her own experiences accessing art, nature from a working class position.

In a recent series of landscape drawings, her home, the Lake District, is jumping off point for exploring nostalgia and memory, locality and industry, shining light on the differing systems of privelege and prejudice through which people interact with the environment.

Sporadic Illustration is open for commissions.

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