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Billy Axe Kin

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I am a multimedia artist, I focus on film, illustration and writing. The focus of my work varies on the topics I research, but generally I will seek to discuss politics through the body and anthropomorphism.
I use queer forms of humour such as camp performance as it can lend itself to communicating freely about the morbid and the painful. A quote I often think about with my work is from Heather Love’s ‘Feeling Backwards’ that references camp as a “tender concern for outmoded elements”, which also feeds back into my style of production. This also plays into the alienation of growing up working class, embracing my thoughts that are unclassy and uncultured becomes a way of unburdening the shame. Ultimately my goal with my writing is to consider the reality of having a body that is governed by capitalism and heteronormativity, but a body that will survive the impossible.

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