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Bolim Jeon

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Bolim JEON is a multidisciplinary artist and communication designer who delves into the aspects of everyday life often taken for granted, while also challenging the notion of human subjectivity.

With a background in Broadcasting and Film, as well as Business Administration, Bolim has gained valuable experience in corporate communications.

Drawing from her personal encounters, she explores innovative approaches to capturing the essence of modern society. Through her work, she critically examines social structures, power dynamics, and human relationships, drawing insights from fields such as mass communication, sociology, and philosophy.

Utilizing various mediums, including moving image, writing, and installations, Bolim crafts physical and digital artifacts that ignite meaningful discussions about pressing social issues. Her diverse range of expressions aims to provoke dialogue and introspection, fostering an ongoing exploration of societal challenges.

She's currently working as a marketer in the art sector.

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