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Calypso Bene

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Calypso Bené is a multimedium artist whose passion for pushing her capabilities in the realm of painting and woodcarving has led to her work being collected across Europe.
Self-taught and driven by curiosity, Bené embarked on her artistic journey with a desire to capture the fluidity of the human form through the medium of oil paint. Her dedication to understanding the nuanced interplay of light, colour, and motion has culminated in a body of work that resonates with collectors and audiences.

Painting was initially an emotional and intellectual escape for Bené, and after several years of honing these skills privately, it became a public practice. A practice that has given her freedom and autonomy that she had never previously experienced, finding self-assurance and calmness through painting, the course of her life shifted dramatically and would be unrecognisable to her teenage self.

Bené’s artistic accomplishments are a testament to her commitment as in just a few short years she has been showcased at The London Art Fair for two consecutive years, as well as venturing into the world of interior design, collaborating with London's vibrant bar and restaurant scene. Creating bespoke artworks to transform spaces into realms of visual and culinary delight. In 2021, The Trap Kitchen commissioned Bené to create a series of 13 large-scale paintings, and in 2023 she was commissioned to create a further 17 paintings for the Queen of the South bar.

In 2021, Bené exhibited in her first solo exhibition at the Lauderdale Gallery in Maida Vale, particularly captivating audiences with her debut oak wood carving of a woman's torso, now residing in the South of France.
With a growing audience on social media, she has produced successful limited edition print runs and privately commissioned domestic murals that allow her to expand her skillset and work to new briefs - something that sparks genuine enjoyment. Calypso Bené’s journey is an unfolding narrative of pursuing agency in both her life and
creative practice.

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