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Multidisciplinary Artist


Chanel Vegas

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Chanel Vegas is a recent graduate from Goldsmiths University.
She is the first ever graduate to receive the Artist Award (she represented a very small minority being a POC and working class within the institution) .Her practice consists of manipulating surfaces through sound, destruction. She further explores the practice of painting by designing her own tools, 'weapons to paint with'. Her tools are seen as large abstract knives she describes painting nowadays as a battle, she is a warrior getting ready for the battle field as she sharpens her tools to paint with. People may see her process as attacking the surface however through the destruction there is a celebration of beauty. The beauty of having no control as to what will appear before one’s eyes.
Her practice is seen as a mockery towards very famous action painting done by male artists in the past, their names are overloaded on every shelf in all libraries. The performance side explores the divide within ‘the self’, the other side, the darkness that takes over using a lot of spoken word and poetry which ties in with these sculptural, huge paintings. Inviting you to a whole new world.

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