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Claire Davies

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Writing, thinking, thinking, thinking, delete, record, transcribe, write, delete, make a list, copy, paste, thinking. Through modes of stillness, observation, and deconstruction, I create moving image works questioning desire, value systems and power structures through my lived experience. Focusing on our developing relationship to objects and technology, I use 3D animation, photogrammetry, video, and installation to surface narratives about lost keys, GIFs, weeds or NFTs. I use processes of writing, recording, and improvisation to open up spaces of contemplation and uncertainty. I regurgitate the written texts; record-transcribe-write-record-transcribe-write-record, to create multiplicities, open spaces like grassy fields, or a cow chewing the cud. I’m interested in creating a space where you can hear me think, process and figure it out, or not, shifting from the everyday, to the meta, to the absurd. Through readings of Jean Baudrillard, Sianne Ngai, and Moyra Davey’s fragmentary writings of the everyday, these semi-autobiographical narratives are weaved together through a continuous rumination on objects, our consumption and possession of them, and our desire to contain the world, in an image, on a device, online.

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