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Conor Murgatroyd

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Conor Murgatroyd is originally from Bradford, but moved to London aged 18 in order to pursue his love of painting. His work is greatly influenced by his obsession with history; learning about the past allows him to try and make sense of the tangled web of influences, events and emotions that make up the human experience. The scenes manifested in his paintings are eclectic in their form and origin. His paintings act as a stage which bring together the myriad of characters and objects he has come into contact with; both imagined and lived. His work comprises a wide range of topics, from his personal still life pieces to landscape paintings which both commonly feature captured images of the past; from darts championship at Lakeside to Magritte’s studio in 1930 to modern day Bosnia and the remnants of Yugoslav Communist imagery. These structured compositions form a framework of his work, and these concepts often collide with his love of flowers. He aims to display a wide range of topics as part of a cohesive narrative.The romantic notion of nostalgia has both a conscious and subliminal effect on Conor’s work. The myriad of opposing themes and locations in his work has been a perennial focus; unconventional images that have never been placed together are a theme and subject as well as an important part of his creative process.

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